About Us

The Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society was created in November 1998.  The passion and vision behind its establishment was its founder and our first president, Army Col. Howe Lee.

Chinese Canadian participation in both world wars is not taught in most history classes. And yet the contributions of this group was significant both for Canada’s war effort but also for the Chinese community as a whole.

As a result of their sacrifice in the Second World War, Chinese in Canada were finally able to claim the opportunities and rights afforded other Canadians. They were offered citizenship and the right to vote. Those privileges led, in turn, to membership in professional societies such as law, engineering and medicine — important careers previously closed to Asians.

However, despite their courage and patriotism, there are few official displays dedicated to Chinese Canadian participation in either war.

The role of our museum society is to research, collect, record and preserve stories, artifacts, memorabilia and photographs that help illustrate this important part of Canadian history. Today, we also work to educate a new generation of Canadians on the role the Chinese played in our country’s history.

We a a charitable non-profit (87503 4225 RR0001) and can provide tax receipts for donations.

We operate a museum – located within Chinese Cultural Centre complex in Vancouver’s Chinatown – and this website.

We also organize tours and talks, and undertake special projects designed to promote awareness of the contribution and experiences of Chinese Canadian soldiers.

We hold monthly meetings that anyone is invited to attend. To join an upcoming meeting, or to find out more about our work, please send us an email (see below).

Email us: info@ccmms.ca

Send us a letter at:  Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society
PO Box 47004 City Square PO, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X0

Visit our Museum:  2nd Floor, 555 Columbia Street, Vancouver

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