Honour Roll

Here we say goodbye to the many Chinese-Canadian military men and women who have left us. We thank them for their patriotic service to Canada.


CHAN KENT, Robert (K. 7558), Force 136 India. Born June 19, 1919, and left this world in on April 19, 2017 in Victoria.
LAM, Richard (Dick) (K 7574), Force 136 Australia. Born April 25, 1925. Passed away April 12, 2017 in Victoria.
WONG, George (K. 7633), Army Field Engineer, Force 136; passed away in Burnaby, B.C. on February 15
LEE, Frank, (A109047), Force 136 India. Born 1925; passed away January 9 in Victoria.


WING, James, AC2 (R172446), RCAF. Passed away November 29 in Vancouver.
BING, Fred, Gunner RCAF. Passed away November 12 in Dartmouth, N.S.
WONG, Gordon Patrick, Cpl, K.7685. Force 136 India. Passed away September 1 in Berkeley, California.
WONG, Young Ming (James), Cpl, K.7767, Force 136 India. Passed away July 7 in Coquitlam, British Columbia.
WONG, Mary “Laura” (born: November 12, 1923), W111243. Passed away March 22 in Toronto.


SHONG, Sammy (Yau Sung), Pte, K,7651, Victoria, November 30
LEE, Bak Foong (Fred), L8993, Vancouver Island, August 2
LIM, Quan, K806204, Burnaby, July 30
LIM, Herb, K7487, Force 136, India, Vancouver, June 14
CHANG, Chee Yat, R221716 RCAF, Burnaby, June 12
WONG, James, (B. 167696) Army, passed away in Edmonton, May 20
LEE, Yuk, Lance Corporal, K.7617, Vancouver, February 4
WONG, Bing Foon, Pacific Coast Militia Rangers, 516-272, Victoria, January 17


CHOW, Marshall, M3667, Burnaby, December 19
LEE, Edward Feey, Pte, K7837, Vancouver, October 5
WONG, Leonard, Vancouver, May 26
WONG, Norman G, RCE, Victoria, March


LEW, Robert Won, Sgt., K5677, Surrey, October 18
FONG, Edward Wing, Pte, K7546 (SOE Australia), Victoria, September 25
WONG, Fong Bing (Frank), K.45536, RCOC/RCEME, Burnaby, September 12
WONG, P/O Gim Foon, Vancouver, J.52601, July 29
WONG, Andrew, (served in Canadian and US merchant marines), Victoria, July 20
CHOW, Park Wing, K.5987, Vancouver, April 06
CHOW, Pte, Bill Wing, K.5241, Vancouver, March 12


LING, George, Cpl, Victoria, October 09
LORE, William (Bill), LCmdr, Hong Kong, September 22
LEE, Edward, LAC, R.187538, Windsor, April 17
LEW, Andrew W.C., MCpl., April 09
MARR, Alfred Edwin, K5292, March 17
LOUIE, Alexander Shukee, Vancouver, February 18


CHAN, George Hong Gow, Pte.,K.5573, November 22
MAH, Capt. Cedric, CNAC, Edmonton, April 29
CHAN, Paul, Sapper, K.7520, Victoria, February 3
KO, BONG, Pte. Mary, W.110536, Toronto, January 24


HO, Sgt. Fat Chung (Harry), K.7593, Coquitlam, December 13
CHAN, Howard M. RCAF, Vancouver, 10 November
LOWE, Pte. Gaye (Lowe Bing Kee), Victoria, June 30
VELDMAN, Edna Silaine (nee Lowe), W11703, CWAC, June 6
CHOW, Harry, (served in China Air Force), Victoria, March 23.
LOWE, Pte. Frank (Lowe Horn Kang), Victoria, January 19
CHONG, Pte. Willie (Jun Wai), K.7722, Vancouver, January 27
LEE, Cpt. Daniel, R.170973, Vancouver, RCAF, January 26
LEE, Pte. Samuel Chung Hong, Montreal, D.189647, January 15


MAR, George, Vancouver, Canadian Armoured Corps , September 7
QUAN, John Chong, K.7718, Vancouver, June 10
WONG, Pte. Robert Quock Ying, K.7673, Vancouver, April 11


WONG, S/Sgt. Norman Donald, A.61714, London, Ontario, August 14
WONG, Jonathan Clinton, Vancouver, July 4
BONG, Sgt. John Ko, K 50956, Vancouver, June 17


LOWE, L/Cpl Harry, K.6926, Vancouver, December 31
WONG, Soot Yee (Sydney) K.7682, Vancouver, November 9
MA, James Hyma, B.165553, Vancouver, June 22
MAH, Sgt. Roy Quock Quon, Vancouver, June 22
CHINN, Capt. Harold Tai, San Francisco, June 13
LIM, On Wah, K.10766, Vancouver, June 9


WONG, Sgt. Tommy Shun,  R.204010, Victoria, July
CHONG, William Gun, Agent 50, Vancouver, October 18
MAH, Dodson, K7652, Burnaby, September 28
WONG, Larry George, K.7986, Toronto, May 26
LOUIE, Sgt. Victor Joy Ying, K.7785, Vancouver, March 16


LIM, Nurse Nellie, July 29
CHOW, Pte. Quan Lai, July 27
JOE, Sgt. Walter D. R.197926, Vernon, September 22
CHANG, F/O Gan Yat J40080, Vancouver, September 18
LIM, Alfred Paul, Vancouver, June 8
MAH, Albert (Captain) Montreal, Quebec May 6
LOWE, Raymond Young, H.71083 Winnipeg, MAN. January 19
LEE, Gordon Alfred, H. 27855, Force 136 India, Born April 5, 1926. Died in Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 11


CHIN, Lee Bing, K5161, Vancouver, B.C. January 25


CHUNG, Henry Jim, Vancouver, B.C. Sept. 19
LOCK, George Thomas, Toronto, B.113018, Sept. 10
WING, Rifleman Peter, B317, Welland, ON. Royal Rifles of Canada, July 9
FONG, Tuck Quon (Harry) from Victoria, BC K5885, April 29
Yip, Peter Wing Poon, Vancouver, K.5292, March 17


HOY, Charles, Vancouver, K.5749, December 2
KWONG, George, Vancouver, K.1813, November 27
CHUNG, Charley, Chiliwack, K.5487, November 1
THOM, Jack Melvin, Vancouver, K.6000647, November 16
JANGZE, Bevan, Vancouver, K.7316, July 21
LUM, Frank, Surrey, June 17
DARLING, Ted Hope, K.89870, June 10
LEE, Harden, Victoria, K.7557, May 26
KO, Andrew, Vancouver, K440472, April 18
CHOW, Delbert, Vancouver, K.7786, February 27
JUNG, Thomas Campbell, Vancouver, K.5156, February 24
GONG, Harry, Victoria, February 21
JUNG, Douglas from Vancouver K50902, January 4


LEE, Horace Bing Dang, Vancouver, K.7313, December 31
MAH, Dick, Nanaimo, December 19
QUAN, Allen Robert, Vancouver, K.7861, December 17
FONG, Rupert, Vancouver, K.7979 November 10
HO, Charles [Kok Chung] Vancouver,K.7543, May 5


WONG, GEORGE Seak Lou from Vancouver, K7719, Force 136, July 5


MAR, York Soon (Gilbert) from Victoria, (Lance Corporal) K.7641 RCASC/CIC
CHOW, Sgt. Edward, B.91866, Toronto, February


LEE, Sgt. Kim Yuen, R.221953
CHAN, Roy Sin Twe, Victoria, April 26
SHIU, Do Gay Daniel (Pte) K.7690 from Saskatoon, November 17


GEE, Pte. Margaret, Vancouver, July 24
GOON, Lawrence, K.7949 Force 136 India, February 8


LEE, Pte. Ben, A.117827, Windsor, September 1
CON, Harry (Sgt., K.7534, Vancouver, May 17


LEE, Cpl. Robert Wah Jew, K.7836, Vancouver, December 20
LOWE, Pte. William H. Y., K16401, Victoria, December 20
WONG, Sgt. Wing Lee, L.100443, September 27
LEE, Pete, A.61469, RCA, Windsor, September 21
LEE, Wilson John, J50015, February
LONG, Pte. Chu Hoy, K5621, Surrey, 1992


CHAN, Pte. Jack, K.5616, Vancouver, March 2


CHENG, Capt. Roger Kee, Vancouver, June
Ko, Peter, K7646, Vancouver, January 26


KING, Sgt. Louis Yee, MM, K50207,
SAM, Kam Len Douglas (Lieutenant-Colonel) J.86388, Vancouver, July 3


WONG, P/O Robert Shun, July 8
CHANG, Sr. Colonel Gwong, R.175640, served with the RCAF and USAF, Los Angeles, May 23


JANG, Raymond (Private) B.145543 from Vancouver


MAR, Bing Lung “Jack”, (Private) K. 5503 from Cumberland. Died November 21 (Chilliwack)
CHOW, Percy, Winnipeg, July


FUNG, Hinn Wing (Henry), (Private) K.5224 from Vancouver, CIC June 18


LOWE, Capt. Kwong Chee, 1046585, November 17
BING, Cpl Alan (RCAF), R267351, May 22


JUNG, Ross (Major) RCAMC from Victoria.
Hing, Danny.  K5362, Richmond, February


MAR, Richard Kee, Vancouver, September 1
JUNG, Arthur Ernest (Flight Lieutenant) J.35156 from Victoria


LOUIE, Ernest KW, Force 136, (K.5163), Vancouver, October 2


LEE, George: RCAF LAC (Aircrew Electrician), R-168494, June 18 (Hamilton)


HAY, Young Wing K.57403, from Port Alberni, 1st Battalion, March 2


LOWE, Sgt. Norman Mon, MM., K49785, Burnaby


CHOW, Charlie (Pilot Officer) J.35171 from Lethbridge, RCAF, February
FONG, Pte. William, Mont Joli, Quebec, Royal 22e, KIA Korea, 23 June


LEE, Lieut. William U. Montreal, November 5

Killed in Action – Second World War

LIM, Peter James (Flying Officer), J44685 from Toronto. RCAF, 409 Squadron. Killed in Germany June 23, 1945
LEE, P/O Jim Gen, (Navigator), J42216, Winnipeg. RAF No. 101 Squadron, No. 1 Group, KIA March 23, 1945
QUON, Diamond (L/Cpl), M9074 from Calgary, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, KIA March 12, 1945
LOUIE, Quan Jil (Flying Officer), J38242 from Vancouver, RCAF, KIA January 16, 1945
LEE, Ivan G. (Private) D.143578 from Montreal, South Saskatchewan Regiment, KIA September 27, 1944
HONG, George (Private) A117703 from Windsor, The West Nova Scotia Regiment, KIA September 8, 1944
TYEE, Phillip (Private), K4171, Calgary Highlanders, KIA September 8, 1944.
MAH, Kuo Lim (Capt.) from Kelowna, Canton AF/Central GovAF/CNAC in China, KIA August 1, 1944
HONG, Joseph (Flying Officer) J37185 from Windsor, No.24 OUT, KIA May 23, 1944
HO, Fred (Private) B37564 from Vancouver, Irish Regiment of Canada, KIA January 29, 1944

Killed in Action – First World War

LEE, Frederick (Pte.) 687931 from Kamloops, 47th Battalion, KIA 21 August 1917

Dates Unknown

LEE, Ernie Thomas from Windsor, enlisted in 1942 received a commission from RCAF, Bomber Command, died of war injuries after 1945. His mother was awarded the Mother Silver Cross
LEE, William from Montreal, received commission in 1945, died of radiation exposure at Chalk River
LEE, Y.C. from Kamloops World War One, died in early 1920’s